Has the iPad Killed the Netbook?

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Apr 15, 2013.

By Maura on Apr 15, 2013 at 10:25 AM
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    In short, yes, it has! At least, that’s what a new report from IHS iSuppli says, according to a news story on AppleInsider today. In its latest report, IHS iSuppli says that netbook shipments for the current year, 2013, will only be a small amount over 10% of their peak figure of 32.14 million units shipped in 2010, being just 3.97 million, according to their forecast. This also represents a 72% fall from 2012’s total shipments. What this basically shows is that netbooks have failed to take off in the way in which they were expected too, filling in the gap between smartphones and PCs. And the reason for this? Well, as AppleInsider notes, 2010 is also the year that a little device called the iPad hit the market! IHS iSuppli goes on to say that by 2014, just 264,000 netbooks will be shipped, and that by 2015 it will be dead, with none shipped whatsoever. [/FONT]

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    [FONT=&quot]Source:[/FONT] IHS sees netbooks dead by 2015, blames Apple's iPad


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Apr 15, 2013.

    1. sumpy112
      Yes , I think so anyway , but still there us a lot of stuff I would use my MacBook for and not my ipad
    2. mannyberrios
      It's all Apples fault
    3. tazz3
      Ipads are killing even desktop pcs
    4. Kaykaykay
      My netbooks are dead to me, lol.

      I bought them a few years back, before iPad debuted, and used them extensively for web surfing. They've been neglected since. I checked them both a few months back and was surprised they still held their charges, because they'd spent more than two years without being charged or seeing any kind of action.

      I could see still preferring a netbook in some uses, like with Flash, using a mouse, etc., but I can do all those things on my laptop, which is way more powerful. Maybe some people would still want a netbook if they were on a budget and couldn't afford (or need) a laptop, but needed more than a tablet.
    5. PeterJMelb
      I have a crappy old Lenovo net book.
      I fitted it with a SSD and loaded Windows 8.
      It now has that wow factor, the only thing is I have to plug in a DVD burner.
      It does all the things with ease that my iPad won't.
      And yes I still like to use my iPad for it's touch screen.
    6. AQ_OC
      Netbooks deserved to die. Just a bad idea 360 degrees.
    7. Bob Maxey
      Bob Maxey
      Nothing you posted really speaks to reliability. Reliability has little to do with the size or speed. Fact is, a netbook has its place as does the iPad.

      The netbook is ideal if you want a smaller device to carry with you. Or get an AIR so you can say you have a laptop which is actually the same size as many Netbooks which as we all know are really just a different kind of Laptop Mini. Or get you a keyboard for your iPod Touch and REALLY have a mini.

      That said, I believe the MacBook AIR is not much bigger than an iPad. And by the time people add an external keyboard, they have turned their ipad into a netbook which is the same size as a Mac AIR which is a laptop but not a netbook.

      Whew! I am still confused about the iPad and iPod and iPad Mini. Is the iPod touch an iPad mini mini or is the iPad touch the first iPad Mini? Perhaps the iPod Touch is the first iPad mini and the mini is really an iPod touch Maxi? Bob is kornfuzed, but that is par for the racetrack.

      I can earn my dinner just with the iPad, and quite frankly, that is all I be carin' about.
    8. Bob Maxey
      Bob Maxey
      Nope, sorry, but Bob does not agree.

      The Netbook is in some ways better than an iPad. Sorry, but Bob is korrect here, so just accept it. smiley :p

      Netbooks are ideal if you do not want to carry a larger machine or you are tired of trying to write that doctorial dissertation on the first iPad Mini. AKA, an iPod Touch. We all know the iPad mini is the maxi version of the iPod Touch, right? Just agree and be done with it. Dag Nabbit.

      Just because we have the iPad which gives most people unfettered access to the web, Twitter, Facebook and the rest of those silly services; it does not mean the iPad is better. Sorry, just agree and end it here. Bob loves Netbooks, dag nabbit.

      For the record, I am typing this at the library and there is no speel korrecton and I refuse to proofread.
    9. Bob Maxey
      Bob Maxey
      At last, someone who agrees with me. Good for you because you are korrect, sir! We love our iPads but they cannot replace a netbook.

      You might try installing Winstep Extreme and increase the WOW factor ten fold.

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