iPad 2 Supply Problems Possibly Caused by Light Leakage Issues

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, May 6, 2011.

By Maura on May 6, 2011 at 11:19 AM
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    MacRumors reports today on a DigiTimes story that points the finger at LG Display as being one of the main causes of Apple’s iPad 2 supply problems last quarter. According to DigiTimes, it was LG Display’s components that were responsible for the light leakage issues that some iPad 2 owners have experienced, and that caused the delay in the supply chain, as the company was forced to cut back on its shipments. Apple’s other display component supplier for the iPad 2, Samsung Electronics, shipped 4 million iPad 2 panels to Apple in Q1, with LGD only managing 3.2 million units in the same period, according to DigiTimes’ sources.

    DigiTimes says that the issue has now been dealt with and that display shipments are set to increase in the current quarter. Although this news has not been confirmed by Apple, it certainly seems to give credence to a recent report from IHS iSuppli which put the lower than expected iPad sales figures for the first quarter down to display issues.

    Source: iPad Display Shortages Linked to Light Leakage on LG-Produced Units - Mac Rumors


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, May 6, 2011.

    1. DontUnderstandMyIpad
      That is certainly good news for people with light bleeding.
    2. App_Guye
    3. Harley man
      Harley man
      I just got my third iPad 2 right from apple on line and it has the worst light leaking on the screen then the other 2 I return back to best buy wtf is going on with problem
      I made a thread about this problem 2 days after iday of Getting the iPad 2 on another forum that thread was big but people with black seemed to not have as much light leakage.
    5. Harley man
      Harley man
      Well after 4 iPads I now have the one I will keep the 3 before had bad light leaking problem . I just got # 3 last week right from apple on line . and took it back to apple store tonight they hook me up with one that has no lighting on screen the way it should have been in the first place.

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    6. AQ_OC
      How do people determine if the leakage is bad or not? I can tell that mine has some leakage, but I judge it to not be enough of a problem to try to get a replacement and possibly have the same issue with the new one. I've tried several movies, netflix, and HBO Go, but it just doesn't get a rise from me. Some TVs don't have a uniform black level across the entire screen, so the little bleeding I see under certain conditions doesn't seem to much of a big deal. I do wonder just how bad it gets for others.
    7. davi62108
      How do u know if u have a lighting leakage?

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    8. DontUnderstandMyIpad
      Light leaking can usually be seen, when

      a) the display brightness is high
      b) the screen is showing a black image (a google search for "black" will give lots of results)
      c) there is little to no daylight, i.e. at night, in a closet, etc.

      As to whether some flaw, which requires active searching, is important is debatable. Screen bleeding shouldn't occur, but it isn't visible during normal use either.
    9. scarlettohara1
      LoL...I couldn't help myself. When I read "...i.e.at night, in a closet..." I was trying to think "who the hell would be in a closet with a iPad"?? That was too funny!

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