'Reeder' app for iPad and Mac is free for a limited time

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    The Google Reader client for iPad and Mac has been given an expiration date on it. It will cease to exist on the 1st of July 2013 and users relying on the service might be faced with a puzzle: where to go next?

    The good news is that app developer Silvio Rizzi has the answer. He is the creative mind behind the Reeder app which can be considered a great alternative for Google Reader. More than that, until Google shuts down its service, Reeder will become available to iPad and Mac users for free.

    Before time runs out, the app will be updated and improved in order to feature all the options available in the iPhone version. Future development plans for the iPhone app include adding support for standalone/local RSS. Rizzi also plans to bring more services that can be synced with Reeder with the upcoming updates:

    “The plan is to add more services you can choose from in the next weeks and months."

    Users who want to get the iPhone app can do so via the App Store after they pay $2.99 for it. Not all versions of Reeder can be free after all and Rizzi is doing all he can to make up for the loss Google Reader’s shutdown might provoke.

    Source: TUAW

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