Recommendation for an iPad sound system (introducing Hi-Fi sound, CD ability etc)

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by toa5ter, Jan 1, 2012.

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    I would like to buy a (docking) system to connect to my iPad 2 which allows me to play CD's, DAB radio and can wirelessly stream music etc. I have a budget of £200, though could possibly go up to £300 if a system could do everything (I have a decent pair of speakers so it could just be a unit without speakers). Aside from the Denon RCDN-7 CEOL - Network Music Hi-Fi System DN7 (this has been reduced to £299) but doesn't look like it can connect to iPad, I'm really struggling to find anything which can do what I'm looking for without breaking the bank.

    Perhaps it would be best to just buy a sound dock and let the iPad do it's thing re streaming music, and I'll just use the PS3 to play CD's and my Panny TV to play DAB stations. There's a decent bunch of sound docks under the £200 barrier, including the Philips DS9/10 Fidelio Primo Docking Speaker for iPad.

    One other thing, is the connection for the iPod the same as the iPad re docking it? If so, then would it not be possible that I purchase a Hi-Fi with iPod dock and use that since there's a myriad of Hi-Fi's with iPod docks (which also have DAB and built-in CD player), such as the Denon RCDM38DAB or Sony CMT-BX70DBi.

    Many thanks for any and all help.

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