Advice needed: streaming iTunes/iPad

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    Advice needed: streaming iTunes/iPad (solved)

    Hi, I need some advice on music streaming. My current setup as follows -

    - PC in study
    - AV receiver in living room
    - Zound speakers and ipod dock in braai room (ZOUND ZA4 Hi Fi Speaker System)

    I mostly listen to music in the braai room, using an iPod Classic. In the living room I stream via a PS3 from the PC. I would like to have the following setup -

    - stream iTunes to AV receiver in living room
    - stream iTunes to braai room speaker/dock setup
    - be able to control iTunes with my iPad (I guess this could be done via Home Sharing or an app like SplashTop which I purchased yesterday)

    The bewildering array of options has left me completely confused as to how to proceed. If you have any suggestions/advice it would be much appreciated.

    EDIT/ bought an Airport Express, works perfectly
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