Rear Camera Revealed for iPad 2 in iOS 4.3 Beta, But Will it Be Only 1 Megapixel?

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 21, 2011.

By Maura on Jan 21, 2011 at 3:37 PM
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    A day after the existence of a front-facing camera in the iPad 2 was confirmed by screenshots found in iOS 4.3 Beta, 9to5 Mac have unearthed evidence that there will also be a back-facing camera included, but interestingly enough it’s also found that the back-facing camera, which will be the one you use to record videos and take photos with, is only 1 megapixel. The front-facing camera, however, which will be the one used for FaceTime of course, and for taking pictures and videos of yourself, will be VGA, the same as the iPhone 4 and fourth-gen iPod touch. 9to5 Mac say that they have managed to deduce all this good stuff because they have heard from a source that K94 is the code name for the iPad 2, and they speculate that the reason the iPad 2’s back-facing camera is only 1 megapixel is because the device’s tapered edges don’t allow space for anything more sophisticated. Can this really be true? Will the iPad 2 really only have a 1 megapixel back-facing camera? Does your iPad really need a camera anyway?

    Source: iPad 2 will have the same cameras as the iPod touch | 9 to 5 Mac iPad 2 will have the same cameras as the iPod touch | Apple Intelligence


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 21, 2011.

    1. Gunny008
      Camera for FaceTime obviously...not to take pictures with. But i guess it will be useful for the odd quick snap
    2. Superbike81
      Why would they have a back facing camera for FaceTime? That would make zero sense.
    3. daveathall
      The back facing camera isn’t for FaceTime.
    4. Spink10
      front-facing camera is the most important - imho
      However, if you are going to have a rear-facing camera - which it should have - please give more than 1 megapixel.
    5. Yakuzagang5
      yes it IS for FaceTime, and given if it is only 1Mpx, that means it's pretty much only for FaceTime. FaceTime is not ONLY the front camera, hence the way to switch to the back camera to show people what you're seeing.

      IMO, this makes sense, cause you're gonna look like a complete idiot holding up something as large as an iPad to take pictures everywhere you go. I agree with this, if it is what they are actually doing.
    6. Superbike81
      I know, that was my point.

      But a rear facing 1MP camera is almost pointless unless the function is for what Yakuzagang said. But even then, it doesn't seem to make a FaceTime camera for front and rear.
    7. iVan
      Can't be worse taking pictures with an iPad than phoning with one!

    8. Thphilli
      I think its ridiculous to include such a crappy rear camera on the ipad myself, but I can see why they are doing it, and its not because of facetime. If this is true and there is only a 1MP rear camera, then they are basically saying that it is not meant to take a single photo with. Its basically there to scan barcodes and such and to offer basic camera functionality to apps.
    9. Spink10
      Scan business cards would be my only use.

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