iPad 2 Front Facing Camera Location Revealed by Screen Protectors

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    9to5 Mac has received some shots of screen protectors that are apparently for the iPad 2. While everyone pretty much accepts by now that the iPad 2 will have a front-facing camera, the camera’s actual location has remained a mystery, until now that is, with the screen protector showing that the camera is a portrait one, situation right at the top of the screen (or at the bottom in this picture where it's upside-down!). And, to back the report up even more, 9to5 Mac notes that this is exactly where the Reuters person who spotted the iPad 2 in the wild at the launch of The Daily in New York the other week said the camera was.

    9to5 Mac has also received another screen protector photograph that gives the impression that the iPad 2 will be taller and narrower than the current iPad. Not by much, mind you, so it probably means that the display is the same size as it is now, but that maybe the bezel is a little narrower.

    Source: iPad 2 screen protectors confirm portait, front-facing camera | 9 to 5 Mac iPad 2 screen protectors confirm portait, front-facing camera | Apple Intelligence

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