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    Hi every one,

    I have a problem that a couple month ago I download app which is from BROTHER PRINTER because I have brother printer model. MFC -9120CN. That app is easily downloaded and after that my printer shows with a model number and for checking I print once .
    now today what happen some problem happend that my laptop is not connected with my printer by wirelessly I call to brother and they troubleshoot my laptop and printer and they set my IP Add and my laptop start printing wirelessly know when I use my iPad to print it's not working I call again to brother for trouble shoot this time they said that we can't help u about iprinting it's mobile device becoz ur i IP add is different from ur device and I can't able to change my ip address on my I pad they told me to call call apple technical support I call there and they said u have to take plan for technical support which is 20$ then we can help u I am surprised after listening that they email me and give me some website for technical support which I dint go on it and came here and I also delete that app and download again I thought may be after download agin it's search my printer agin and connect it by self but this time the app was downloaded but my printer is not showing in it KNOW WHAT TO DO and why it's happens .

    PLESE help me thanks .
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    Try deleting the app from your iPad, restart the iPad, download the app again. You should be able to find it in the Purchased tab of the App Store.

    Hopefully it will take you through whatever setup procedure it needed to get the printer's IP address the first time.

    Thats all I can think of.

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