PPS files not opening in IOS mail

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    I have jailbreak 7.0.6 on Ipad 4 and until a week ago a PPS attachment opens in IOS original mail app, like it always used to, jailbreak or not.
    Now it won't open, i only get "airdrop" and "open in". Even when I choose open in Goodreader (which must be using the same way IOS mail did) it won't open, i get the message "Unable to read document, an error occured while reading the document". So even Goodreader can't display PPS files anymore.

    App like Docs to Go will display it, and it works on my Macbook pro

    I just did a reset all settings and a restore from a backup from 2 weeks ago, no result

    Anyone have an idea? This is so annoying


    PS : i also have an Ipod touch 5 (jailbroken) and it's the same problem
    No solution to fin on Google
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