Plane Plunges 5,000 Feet as the Pilot Dozes off While the Co-pilot was Busy With her iPad

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    Here's one funny story that's a bit dangerous, as well. According to a recent article on the Indian Express, a recent Jet Airways flight took an unexpected dip over a busy air route to Europe, after a co-pilot got distracted while playing on her iPad. Here are are more details from the original report:

    According to Turkish air traffic controllers, the plane took a sharp dive, putting it at the same altitude assigned to another plane. The co-pilot was immediately alerted, as she was found busy looking at flight information on her iPad. The captain was actually on a scheduled break during the long flight to Brussels, but he regained control of the plane after being awakened by the co-pilot.

    It's been reported that None of the 280 passengers on board were hurt, but India’s air regulation agency has initiated a probe into the incident. What's your opinion on this case? Is this just something that rarely occurs or the iPad can be blamed for this incident? Sound off by leaving your comment below.

    Source: IndianExpress
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    This isnt funny at all. A pilot and co-pilot take a huge responsibility when they take flight carrying a plane full of passengers. In light of the recent crashes worldwide, reading this just doesn't sit well for me.
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    Kinda makes me don't wanna to travel by airplanes anymore.
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    I hate flying and always will. Last time I did it was for our homeymoon and it will be the last time I ever do. Yeah, yeah.... It's the safest way to travel statistically. Whatever. Tired of hearing that line. The airlines have been. Nickel and diming people for years now and security checks have become a huge burden. Can't even get a bag of peanuts anymore because the airlines are so damned cheap now. Blah. No thanks.

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