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    Evening All,

    I'm new to the Ipad and I have a couple of questions to start with (I'm sure there will be more to follow!).

    If i receive an email with a PDF attachment that I need to fill some info in and sign it. then return it. Which app is available for this? Will it allow me to sign and save a copy then email it back?

    Secondly is there a way that I can send a folder as an attachment in an email, I have Docs to Go but cant find a way to do this, is there an alternative app that will allow this? Only way I can find to send the folder is to send each file individually, which means a lot of emails?? Not a good Idea in my mind.

    So its over to you more experienced with this machine to provide guidance please!
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    You can signa nd draw on PDF with Adobe Reader App (free) - there are lots of apps to do so, search the app store for PDF.

    Folders sending is not possible. iOS is app based, not file based system.

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