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    Hi everybody,

    Appreciate if anybody knows an ipad pdf reader with this network browsing feature.

    Recently 'Awesome reader' has been available in apple store with the feature of 'Network browser which allows to view content of the remote server easily.'. Actually this feature is not mature yet. It can access samba (windows sharing) networks, and can open the pdf files on the network without downloading them. In fact it does download it as a cache without letting the user notice that, and once the pdf file has been closed in the app, it will delete the cache file. Also, it allows for 'open in' another app for the file in the remote network in a single step (it will cache the file, then perform open in other pdf application).

    This is very useful for users who has many files and large folders of pdf books in the pc that is no way to download them all in the ipad (for me I have ~100GB of ebooks). In the windows platform , we know that adobe pdf readers even opens the pdf file in the internet browser before downloading all the pages. If this can be done in any ipad app (opening files in remote network without downloading, and the capability of opening large pdf files before finishing the caching of the whole file which spares the waiting time for downloading 100MB file before opening it), this will be an incredible feature!

    Highly appreciate if anybody can suggest an application doing this on ipad.


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