payment apps download time limited?

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    I not understand, is it someone (fee app), after payment. only download 2-3 times. limited. or is it same appid id , that payment app. can download unlimited? and if that time buy that version is 2.00, after few month update to 2.1, 2.2 that. is it FREE upgrade? if so, how to find that information. thanks a lot...
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    When you purchased an app, you don't have to pay for it again with the same Apple ID. There's no time limit. The app belongs to you, you'll always be able to install it again after deleting it. There's only one exception I know when you won't find it again: if it's removed from App Store.

    Those apps can be found in App Store - Purchased:


    The ones with the cloud next to them were once installed on your device (or are installed on another one which uses the same ID). When you tap the cloud, the app will start installing. The apps with "Open" next to them, are somewhere on your iPad.

    Some apps are free, but you have the possibility to upgrade to a paid version, which usually has more features than the free app.

    Updating always means that the app (free or paid) needs bug fixes or gets improvements. When a free app is updated, it still is the free app afterwards.
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