Paradise island

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    Hi fellow players

    If you play this game you will experience many programming bugs that spoil the experience you should have as fundamentally the game is an excellent concept. Alas the recent valentine event left players frustrated as it did not work properly from the outset. Despite numerous complaints and reports sent to GI's 'help' desk they would not acknowledge the problem existed and blamed players for their lack of understanding.

    Apparently some of the tasks are unachievable and if you read the forums players are becoming exasperated as they have invested months if not years in playing the game.

    The people I feel real compassion for are those who opted to actually pay real money for this gaming experience either in buying currency or their 'unique' not offered in the game buildings.

    Seriously think before you download this game and maybe consider the multitude of other options from companies that really care about their subscribers and offer a better gaming experience!!

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