Flag it! Learn City, State, National and World Flags in the ultimate Maps Trivia Test

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    WARNING: Flag it! is highly addictive.

    Flag it! The Match Three Puzzle and Flags Icon Logo Quiz is an exciting match 3 puzzle game that challenges you to recreate flags of the world in 60 seconds or less. Players must complete the flag design within the allowed time and then use your trivia knowledge to correctly identify the flags’ country of origin. Not only does the game entertain as you become a virtual jetsetter, it educates too!

    Flag it! The Match Three Puzzle and Flags Icon Logo Quiz will improve your knowledge of geography. It will help you to recognize different flags of the world and which countries belong in which continents.

    Think you’re a global jetsetter or a real tripadvisor poweruser, can you recognize the flags of Tuvalu or Nauru? Which continent is Palau on? Ever wondered which country has the best looking flag? Where that country is located on an atlas?

    Flag it! will help you locate these countries on the map. Who knows, it might even inspire you to visit some of these places! Flag it! The Match Three Puzzle and Flags Icon Logo Quiz as your own playable tripadvisor.

    Flag it! delivers an innovative but familiar match 3 puzzle experience. It’s super easy to pick up and play as it uses the familiar match 3 colored gems gameplay style loved by millions of players around the world. However it offers a fresh new twist on that style as players need to drag flag fragments into position to complete the flag design and then use their trivia skills to guess the country of origin.

    Flag it! is a highly addictive, fast paced puzzle & trivia quiz game that helps to build your knowledge, one flag at a time!

    Download game HERE!


    Over 300 levels of action packed gameplay.
    Stunning retro steampunk graphical style.
    Two games in one! A match 3 puzzle game and trivia quiz.
    Kill time and get smarter while you play!
    An addictive match 3 puzzle game that appeals to gamers of all ages.
    Connect with your friends on FBook to see who else is virtually traveling the world as a Flag it! Jetsetter.
    Flag it! The Match Three Puzzle and Flags Icon Logo Quiz is your own playable tripadvisor!
    Learning and exercising your mind has never been so much fun!
    The best Flag based match 3 puzzle & trivia quiz game in the App Store!


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