Official Dropbox iOS App Gets the Ability to Rename Files and Folders and More

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    Dropbox is widely regarded as one of the best cloud storage services, and it has now been updated with some important new features. So, if you use the app on your iPhone or iPad, you'll be glad to hear that this new version improves the overall performance and fixes a great deal of bugs, as well.

    The main new feature is the ability to rename files and folders on the go. You just need to swipe right on a folder to see more actions, including rename. The update app adds a "more actions" button on the iPhone version of the app, represented by three dots, which allows for quick options for renaming or moving files.

    The Dropbox update also includes a new toolbar in the bottom left corner that disappears and reappears as users need it. You just need to tap anywhere within a photo or file to toggle between the toolbar and full screen.

    The most recent Dropbox 3.6 version also includes an edit icon in the toolbar for Microsoft Office files. Thus, selecting this allows users to open and edit their documents from directly within Microsoft's official Office apps for iOS.

    The app is available as a 54.3-megabyte download which requires iOS 7.0 or later to work.

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    Great feature. Apple needs to get their icloud stuff up to date like this.

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