Dropbox Starts Rolling out the Ability to Edit Microsoft Office Documents on iPhone, iPad

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    Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services and it is always interested in bringing new services to its customers. The company has recently announced that it will be adding the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents to its free iOS client. And now it seems that the update has been released.

    By using the free Dropbox app for iOS (follow the link at the end), iPhone and iPad users can edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents directly on the cloud. Here's how the official announcement sounds like:

    "The new Dropbox and Microsoft Office integrations are here! Now it’s easy to work on the Office files you’ve stored in Dropbox even when you’re on the go — you can edit them from the Dropbox app, and access them directly from the Office apps. The new features are available today for Android phone and iOS users."

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently said that Dropbox integration in mobile Office apps and the new Office support in Dropbox provides “our shared customers with flexible tools that put them at the center for the way they live and work today.”

    The update to the iOS app will be slowly rolling out in the coming weeks, so if you don't see it today, this means you have to wait for a few more days. This is a great feature not only for Dropbox owners but for those who have to deal with a lot of Office files.

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    Hmmmm. Very interesting. I've been using pages and numbers for my office needs but this is going to possibly change.

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