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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Dagwood_55, Dec 18, 2014.

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    I need an App to keep up with my customers and prospect customers. But besides the normal info, name, phone number, etc, I need to keep detailed notes about them concerning our business together.

    So at first I'm thinking a Customer Service type of App, but then the more I read about Noteshelf, the more I'm thinking it my be what I need.

    Is it possible to have a different file/page/whatever for each customer and easily go to it for reference or update?? I usually keep around 50 current customers and more inactive customers. And since I use CAD drawings for each customer, are PDF files easily loaded onto a customers page??

    Also, maybe a greenie question, but how do Noteshelf and Evernote relate to each other?? Are they used together??

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    Notebook is my favorite note-taking app, so keep that in mind while I tell you how wonderful it is. :)

    Yes, you can keep a separate notebook for each client. You can just keep adding pages to their books.

    Or, you can create a notebook and then put notebooks within it; its kind of like a file cabinet that way.

    And yes, you can import PDF files as either attachments in a notebook or as the "paper" part of a notebook [that you'd write on].

    Notebook can stand alone and doesn't need Evernote. But, if you sync Notebook with Evernote, then you can easily access your notebooks on other devices or your computer by using Evernote as an intermediary.

    I like the pairing of Evernote and Notebook. In fact, there's a new option in Notebook (for $1.99, USD) where you can have one way auto-syncing of your notebooks to Evernote.

    Hope some of this helps in your decision.

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