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    I take allot of notes at work partly for CYA and mainly so I can document stuff from meetings. I conduct conference calls all the time. I had been taking notes directly into Outlook Notes from my PC but found flipping back and forth between powerpoints and spreadsheets too cumbersome.

    So I have started just taking notes on the IPad Notes and it syncs beautifully with Outlook. I do struggle with trying to type quickly and my fat fingers cause lots of errors. I have been researching some of these other note taking apps where I can use a stylus or my finger and it sounds wonderful. I think it will allow me to document stuff faster (it is tough to document when I am chairing a call).

    Here is want I want..... Can any of these programs convert to simple text that allows me to either export, sync or copy into something like Outlook Notes? I don't want to give up my outlook repository and I have to be able to search key words on whatever system I am using. Any suggestions?????

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