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Discussion in 'International iPad Users' started by WoodyCollins, Jul 19, 2010.

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    Jul 19, 2010
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    I am considering purchasing an iPad. I travel to Congo (DRC) often for extended periods of time.

    I use an unlocked phone while I am there. I just take out the US SIM and load the local SIM from Vodacom or Zain.

    The iPad with WiFi and 3G would be ideal. But I have a number of questions.

    1. Should I buy an unlocked iPad or just a regular iPad and then unlock it? Advantages and disadvantages of factory unlocking versus jailbreaking?

    2. Do you have to unlock the WiFi only iPad?

    3. Can you attached an external/USB modem to the iPad?

    4. Only GPRS is available, will the iPad work with the slower speeds?

    5. Can I use POP, IMAP, or web-based apps on the iPad overseas?

    Thanks, Woody

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