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    Sep 23, 2010
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    Hi all:

    I am new to this site and look forward to getting to know the site and users better. I currently do not own an Ipad or any Apple product. That will be chagning soon!!

    I do have a question that I must ask: Could anyone tell me if I could build an APPle LAN with the mac mini (runnign OSX server) and use ipad as the user workstations on the LAN. I would want this lan to be accessible from anywhere on ton the INternet, so I would need a ip domain name and who knows what else.

    Is this ideas feasible, practical? and If so, what do i need to pull it together?

    Oh, One big requirement. I must have fusions running windoes on the LAN because of software that is only built for windows>

    Thanks and I appreciate any ideas and suggestions!!


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