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    Having just asked for assistance regarding using iPad w/o computer to access
    Internet through Warner Cable roadrunner, I should really introduce myself.
    I've recently been downsized after many years using computer technology, graphics and photography to solve problems related to historic preservation of buildings and stained glass. I've used Macs since 1989. Also worked in AV and Med Photography in hospital setting for over 20 yrs. I don't have an iPad but am fascinated with it's potential. My niece has Down Syndrome and is taking classes using the iPad to help her communication ability. My question regarding internet access w/o a computer for the elderly is a result of what I've seen when visiting my mother at an independent living facility. Many of these people have no computer skills, let alone a computer. They sit around much of the day with little company. New doors can be opened no matter how old you are if the equipment is intuitive.
    Larry Wellenstein

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