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    My friend bought an iPad 2 on the east end of the Panama Canal. She sent some emails and the words were all layered on top of each other making it unreadable. She sent it in to get it fixed and now has another one. Today she sent me an email and it was a little bit of the same. Although it is readable I am wondering if they really gave her a new one or refurbished her old one and it still has the same problem only not as bad. I took a screen shot to show you the latest one. Too bad I deleted the old one - hmmmm, I will see if it is still in the trash...hope this doesn't disappear while I look. Actually I will send this and then if I find the old email I will edit the photo's in. So wait a few minutes before responding ok.? Sorry I can't find the old email and am unable to get into my photo's to show you the new one. Oh well...someone who knows how hopefully able to delete this post. Sorry.Squib.

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