New IntoNow app Turns iPad into Intelligent TV Assistant

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    Yahoo! desires to revolutionize the way you watch TV and raises IntoNow, the app that enhances the TV experience, offered on the iPad. IntoNow, is a bit like the music application Shazam, with which users can determine song titles by playing a tune off the radio on their mobile phone’s microphone. With IntoNow, audio from a program gets run through a content-recognition server, and in 4 to 12 seconds, the program is identified. But rather than just sharing what you’re watching, which is what the current iPhone app does, users can now receive content specific to those programs.

    Imagine you’re watching American’s Next Top Model, and you want to know more about that flashy designer you think is pretty stylish, just tap IntoDigi to dig out information about the people on the show or who has been eliminated in previous episodes. Tap IntoNow into a Desperate Housewives episode and you will get a screen that brings up the Twitter feeds of the shows creators.

    The bottom point is that IntoDigi is trying to socialize the experience of watching TV. The key to any social discovery platform is making it easy for users to see what different connections have viewed. When a user first logs in, the app allows him or her to add connections from Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts, as well as search address book contacts. Once those connections are established, the user can view the network’s recent TV viewing in the “Activity fieldâ€.

    IntoNow’s iPad app enters an already crowded market for social check-ins and discovery, and has a few good points: for one, the interface is pretty slick, and the actual check-in function is relatively seamless. But the app might suffer from trying to do too much, and therefore can be slightly confusing from a user experience perspective.

    Source: Wired

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