New Adobe Voice App Helps You Create Animated Videos on Your iPad

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    Adobe has today launched a new video production app exclusively for iPad. Adobe Voice enables the user to create animated videos complete with your own voice narration, as well as clip art and icons from a huge library.

    As AppleInsider reports, the style of the videos is very familiar to anyone who has ever watched a Kickstarter video or watched a commercial on TV, and with this new app, you’ll be able to produce similarly effective videos with very little effort, it would seem.

    All you have to do is choose a story template, to which you can then add text, icons and photos. While the app does come with its own clipart, you can also add photos from your camera roll, Dropbox or your social network pages. And for those with more advanced design skills, there’s also the opportunity to create your own layout.

    The whole production is held together by, and revolves around, the user’s voice. It looks really easy to narrate your images, all you have to do is tap and hold the microphone icon on each page, and away you go. The audio that you record is then automatically cut to fit the visuals. You can also choose music to accompany your video.

    And to tie it all up in a nice pretty package (or maybe a plain and simple package, it’s up to you!), Adobe also provides 30 themes with unique text, colours and animations.

    When you’ve created your mini masterpiece, you can then upload it to Adobe’s servers, making it private and only viewable by link, or you can post it to Adobe’s public gallery. You can also upload it to Facebook or Twitter, or send it via email or text.

    Click here to download the free app:

    Source: Adobe Voice for iPad combines user narration and simple animations to create impactful videos
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