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    If there’s one thing I love doing on the iPad, then that is drawing. I’ve never been good at it on desktop computers where you have to use the mouse and a certain gripping technique, but on the tablet everything is made easier. But what if I told you that there’s an iPad app that will allow you to go a little further with your drawing?

    Meet Loop, a creative iOS application which allows users to create their own short animations in a matter of minutes. Maybe you have tried creating your own animations when you were a kid, with the help of a sketchbook. Well,​​ Loop is actually a virtual sketchbook where users can draw panel-by-panel the segments of their animation. The app per se was inspired by UI designers and their pen and paper techniques.

    For more advanced animators, the app will probably turn out to host a poor set of tools, but for the non-professionals they are enough. Pen widths are available to be chosen but the pallet only features three color hues (red, blue and black). The speed at which one moves its finger/stylus is also taken into account, the faster you move the thicker the lines are created. The same goes for the tapping gesture. Tracing over video frames is allowed. The “onion†tool is particularly helpful, allowing users to spot the outline of their previous drawing on a blank page, making it easier to continue with their work.

    Loop will allow your works to be shared of course. When you are done, neatly export the animation as .GIF to the Loop gallery or Tumblr. Other social media options will probably be added soon. The app cost only $0.99, so what are you waiting for?

    Source: PC Mag


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