More Than 90% of Apple's Devices Run iOS 7 While Android Still Faces Fragmentation

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    One of the biggest advantages that iOS has over Android is that whenever a new OS version gets released, it gets pushed quite fast to iOS users. Past month, Apple has revealed that iOS 7 was running on 90 percent of all iOS devices and currently a recent report from OpenSignal has compared that to Google’s current mobile operating system, Android 4.4, which is only running on 20.9 percent of devices.

    According to OpenSignal's report, the wide range of Android devices available to consumers makes it possible to reach the largest number of users. Despite the fact that developers have a greater global reach than with iOS, the variety of devices running Android makes it difficult and time consuming for devs to make apps that run across all devices.

    The company has gathered data from 682,000 devices, and it has deducted that Android fragmentation has quadrupled since 2012. In 2014, 18,796 distinct Android devices were tracked as compared to 3,997 two years ago.

    According to OpenSignal's report, the 10 most popular Android devices represent only 15 percent of all devices, down from 21 percent last year. This represents a huge difference when compared to Apple's iOS and shows just how good is the company at deploying new software versions.

    Source: OpenSignal
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