Almost a Quarter of Online Sales on Christmas in the US was Made From iOS devices

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    We have just shared with you a fresh report according to which, the number of activated iOS devices has increased by 2.3 Times on Christmas Day. And, if you recall, we previously have published another interesting analysis from IBM which was showing that more than 80% of mobile Black Friday sales were placed from an iPhone or iPad.

    Now, IBM has released a fresh study that highlights the same idea – iOS devices are more popular than Android for the holiday shopping season in the U.S. Here’s what the IBM Holiday Benchmark Staff had to say with reference to the iOS vs Android fight:

    23 percent of total online sales on Christmas in the United States is a big number and it represents almost a quarter from the total number of sales. Compare that to only 4.6 percent that were made from Android devices. Also, the overall online traffic from iOS devices was bigger than the one coming from Android, 32.6 percent compared to 14.8 percent.

    Source: IBM, iPhoneForums
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    I feel if I order online somehow the product is fresher than buying it in the store. I only bought one item from the grand central apple store which was my iPod Touch on an instant gratification whim lol. AND... It was a hassle... Did purchase online for store pickup and it took WAAAAYYYYY linger than I expected it to.

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