iOS 7 Adoption Rate Continues to Rise, Now at 85%

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    iOS 7.1 is already out, but not everybody has installed iOS 7, albeit the number is increasing fast. According to new data made public on Apple’s developer website, adoption rate of iOS 7 is now at 85 percent and the share of devices running iOS 6 has fallen to 12 percent. The iOS 7 adoption rate has been growing steadily after its launch in September of 2013. The new version managed to account for 52 percent of iOS web share in just one week after it launched.

    Then in early December it jumped to 72 percent and later that month to a 78 percent share of compatible devices. In January this year, During Apple’s quarterly conference call FQ1 2014, CFO Phil Schiller reported 80 percent of compatible iOS devices had switched to iOS 7. Last month, that number jumped to 83 percent and now the latest data shows the biggest adoption rate yet – 85%. So, we see that since the beginning of this year, only 5 more percent has added, which means the adoption rate could stop somewhere around the 95% value.

    iOS 6 share stands at 12 percent and iOS devices running earlier operating systems represent the remaining 3 percent share. The fast adoption rate of a new iOS version represents one of the biggest advantages that iOS has over Android as users from across the globe can update their devices at the same time, without aving to wait for the maker to push out the update.

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    Goes to show that iOS devices has better integration with updates.

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