More than 80% of mobile Black Friday sales were placed from an iPhone or iPad

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    We have just shared with you some data according to which Apple's iPads and iPhones were in high demand over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Now a new reports says that Apple's iPhone and iPad devices were also used to place more than 80% of the mobile purchases that took place on Black Friday.

    According to some reports from IBM's Digital Analytics Benchmark group cited by Daniel Eran Dilger with AppleInsider, Apple's iPhone, iPad were used to place 82% of mobile sales on Black Friday.

    This is a very interesting report that shows that Apple’s iconic products, the iPhone and the iPad, have managed to radically change the behaviour of online shoppers. Did you buy something this Black Friday? And if you did, how did you place your order?

    Source: AppleInsider
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    Myself included. Doggie pee pee pads and doggie food. ;)

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