Microsoft Updates OneNote iOS App with Support for Apple Watch, Adds Searchable Handwriting on iPad

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    Microsoft has recently updated its note-taking app OneNote with support for the new Apple Watch as well as the option to search through handwritten notes for iPad users. Thus, by using the newest version, iPad users can now perform a search that looks through notes that have been written with a stylus, as well.

    Thus, if you have OneNote installed on your iPhone, you can now use the Apple Watch app to toggle the Watch version on and off. The OneNote team said the following on its official blog:

    "Handwritten notes saved to OneDrive are processed and searchable within two to five minutes and any pre-existing handwritten notes in your OneNote notebooks stored on OneDrive will be processed and searchable in the coming weeks."

    Furthermore, OneNote’s handwriting recognition now works in 25 languages and Microsoft announced that they will expand language support and recognition accuracy, as well. Regarding the new OneNote app for Apple Watch owners, the team says the following:

    "We designed OneNote for Apple Watch with a strong focus on lightweight interactions and placed a premium on convenience. A core principle of our design was ensuring that you could quickly and easily reference the information you are looking for. If you pinned a note on OneNote for iPhone, we’ll surface it right at the top of your Apple Watch app, so you don’t need to hunt for it. This is perfect for when you’re frequently checking your to-do list."

    Even if it comes from rival Microsoft, OneNote support could prove to be tremendously useful to Apple Watch owners who want to quickly write down something. Furthermore, iPad users can now easily duplicate a page, which is quite useful for those moments when you want to make a change to a page without losing your existing content.

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