Microsoft Updates OneNote for iOS and Makes it a Universal App

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    Microsof has released a new update to its OneNote app for iPhone users, making it a universal app. Thus, the current OneNote for iPad app is being replaced by a single, universal app that runs on both iPhone and iPad.

    Thus, with this update, iPad users will now get a OneNote widget in the today view of Notification Center. iPad users will also notice a new “recent notes” section for notes made on either device, and landscape mode on the iPad now presents a column of page previews. Here's how the full release changelog of the most recent version looks like:
    • Say good-bye to OneNote for iPad! Like IKEA™ hex keys, OneNote for iOS is now Universal. n.b. to save on localisation related expenses, all future release notes will be pictorial.
    • Was finding the OneNote icon on your home screen just too much work? One of the six people who remember there’s a “Today” tab in the Notification Centre? Good news! Available today on iPad is our Today Widget. Create new notes, start a list, and access your most recent notes straight from the Notification Centre.
    • Find your most recently edited notes with our recently added “Recent Notes” view in the recently combined iPhone and iPad apps. Recent.
    • Ants objected to the removal of our tiny checkboxes. To appease them, we have added ant-sized Page Previews to iPad. Humans may also find them useful for differentiating between pages.
    • Fixed: The lens cap was left on when using the Document/Whiteboard camera. We removed and then subsequently lost it, so it won’t be making a reappearance.
    Thus, if you want to make use of the new, universal version of the app, go ahead and follow the link from below to download OneNote for iOS for free from the App Store.

    Source: iTunes

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