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    If you ever used Microsoft’s OneNote on your iPad, you know how frustrating it was that you couldn’t create new notebooks from the application per se. You had to return to the desktop application and create it there, so the whole point of being mobile and on the go was pretty much gone. But not anymore. As of this week Microsoft updated the application, finally adding this necessary feat.

    More than that, users of OneNote can now edit their notebooks by adding, renaming or deleting certain sections from their previou​​sly created notes. Everything is saved on Microsoft’s cloud service SkyDrive, so it can be easily accessed everywhere. Another improvement brought about by this edition will be noticed by Japanese users, as typing improvements have been added.

    The good news however does not extend to the iPhone. The OneNote version designed for the Apple smartphone is still tethered to the desktop version. So users looking to create a new notebook on their smartphone won’t be able to do so, unless they own an iOS fueled tablet. The iPhone OneNote app did get a revamp nevertheless. Previously the download executable for the app was pretty big, because it packed built in support for 29 different languages and some retina art. Apparently Microsoft managed to shrink the size of the previous OneNote version which had 250 MB. Now users can download it more easily on their iOS smartphones.

    Source: TechCrunch


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