Microsoft Updates OneNote for iPad With Handwriting Support

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    If you use Microsoft's OneNote app on your iPad, chances are that you have wondered why there is no handwriting support. iPad owners who have a stylus have been frustrated by the lack of this feature, especially because it's been available for quite a while now for Android and Windows users.

    But Microsoft has finally listened to feedback and brought the feature to iPad users. Here's what the OneNote team wrote on their official blog:

    "Today, we’re introducing two big improvements for capturing content into OneNote and enriching that content to make it easier to recall. First, we’ve added handwriting to OneNote for iPad. This has been a top requested feature, and is now available in OneNote across all of the most popular platforms".

    Here's how the official changelog for the most recent version 2.9 sounds like:
    • Handwriting - Sometimes, there’s just no substitute for putting pen to paper and sketching out your next great idea. That’s why we’re introducing handwriting to OneNote. Highlight documents, scribble notes, or just doodle until your heart’s content
    • OCR for Images - Search for text contained within images in your OneNote notebooks. OCR is now supported on new images added to OneDrive notebooks. You can even copy the image text and add it to your notes. Existing images will also become searchable soon!
    Of course, the traditional bug fixes are here, too. So, if you just bought yourself a nice pen for your iPad or you plan to do, now you can use the OneNote app to take notes on the go. Follow the link from below to download it and have a look at the video to see it in action, as well.

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    It might just give evernote a run for its money.

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