Microsoft Releases New Surface Pro 3 Ad After Announcers Call it 'iPad'

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    Microsoft just won't give up promoting its Surface tablets and try to make consumers forget about the iPad. After a long advertising campaign where it promoted the reasons why its tablets are better than the iPad, the company has partnered with the NFL to get more eyeballs for its products. The deal is said to be around $400 million but has already encountered some mishaps.

    During a previous Monday Night Football matchup between the San Diego Chargers and the Arizona Cardinals. ESPN's Trent Dilfer commented that he wondered how long it took Cardinals assistant head coach Tom Moore, who at 75 is quite a bit older than the players he coaches, to "learn how to use the iPad to scroll through the pictures."

    But Microsoft doesn't give up, as it wants to make sure you understand that its Surface is different from the iPad and, of course, that it's better. Here's how the company described its tablet when it released the new advertisement that you can see above:

    "In a sport where speed and performance matter, NFL coaches and players trust Microsoft Surface by using it on the sidelines of every game to help them strategize and win. But Surface is also used by coaches, players, and most importantly fans off the field to help them be more productive. See why Surface is the most productive tablet on the planet and the Official Tablet of the NFL."

    What do you think of the ad? Will it help Microsoft better than the previous anti-iPad campaigns or Apple will remain king of the hill?

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