Mail App Receiving Bug (iOS14.0.1)

Discussion in 'iOS 12' started by NSquirrel, Oct 19, 2020.

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    I am creating a separate post to another Mail App post (IOS 14 Mail app Bug) as this is to do with receiving an email, rather than sending.

    I noticed yesterday a problem with an email from PatientAccess (in the UK) relating to an ‘Important Security Update’ change coming soon. Via the same email account, and via IMAP, this email appeared in the Inbox on 2 Windows 10 PC's with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and two iPhone 8s, via Apple Mail app, running iOS14.0.1. The strange thing is that it did not come to an iPad Air 2, running iPadiOS 14.0.1., which I noticed just by chance. I checked junk, etc.; restarted the iPad; and checked the Gmail account through my web browser and the email is there in the Inbox. I set the email to unread and it still would not come to the iPad Inbox. I have since checked with the Gmail app on the iPad and the email appears there on my iPad in my Gmail Inbox. (Additionally I emailed the authors and they verified the authenticity of the email. Alternatively it may be a problem in the email itself, but that seems less likely.)

    Obviously an email not delivered is not likely to be spotted except by chance. I will raise an Apple bug report shortly.

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