Jailbroken IpAd 3 stuck in recovery mode after Ios7.1.2 upgrade

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by sibibalu, Aug 23, 2014.

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    Aug 22, 2014
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    3 days back i downloaded my iPad to Ios 7.1.2 and left it overnight without taking a backup of my photos. The next morning my iPad is stuck in recovery mode.. We tried almost everything recboot,reiboot,redsnow,dr fone,tiny umbrella etc to exit recovery mode. But none worked ..they either sent the iPad to recovery mode again or didnt detect my device.. I finally tried trial version Tenoshare . That also did not detect device. But we somehow managed to get a crack version of tenoshare and that one detected the device and started to scan.but within seconds the software crashed... I m ready to buy the full version if you say that there is a chance for recovery.. Pls help..or if u ve any other suggestions pls let me know
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    Using a cracked version of software is piracy; you did not pay for it.

    We won't help you here. This forum does not condone or help pirates. Not only is piracy, and any discussion thereof, against this forum's rules, it's theft and thus illegal.

    I do have one piece of advice. Buy the software!

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