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    BGR has news of an indication from Apple that iTunes 11 will be released to the public very soon. It comes in the form of a post in the MacRumors forum from reader Mikhail, aka “stekâ€, who says that he is a musician and label owner who has received a communication from his music distributor telling him that iTunes 11 is due to be released “within the next days,†adding that users will then have the ability to view pictures and galleries of every artist that is in iTunes. The distributor then asks Mikhail to submit pictures and galleries to the distributor in preparation for the launch. As BGR says, iTunes 11 was originally due to be released in October, but was delayed until an unspecified date in November, because Apple said that it wanted to take a little more time to make sure it was ready for release. Well we’re almost at the end of November, of course, so it looks likely that iTunes 11 will be here very soon indeed.

    Source: Apple iTunes 11 release date: “Within next few days” | BGR

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