Is Best Buy Only Selling the iPad 2 to Customers Who Buy a Protection Plan?

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Apr 11, 2011.

By Maura on Apr 11, 2011 at 5:00 PM
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    Crunch Gear reports today on a troubling situation at Best Buy regarding its iPad 2 selling practices. The report details how one of Crunch Gear’s readers noticed approximately 40 iPad 2s stored in an overhead locker during a recent visit to the store, after having been told by a member of staff that they didn’t have any iPad 2s in stock. When the reader asked another member of staff about the iPad 2s stored in the locker, he was again told that they were all sold out, only to have a manager approach him a couple of minutes later and tell him that he could buy an iPad 2 if he also bought a $109 Best Buy protection plan. The reader said that he went ahead and bought the iPad 2 with the protection plan, and then went to another store and asked the manager there if it was policy to only sell iPad 2s to those customers who also bought the protection plan. This other manager said that it was not Best Buy policy and that the customer should not have been forced to buy a policy in order to get an iPad 2. The Crunch Gear reader was very clear that this was what had indeed happened, and said that he had witnesses who could vouch for the veracity of his story as well.

    Source: Crunch Gear Best Buy Forces Customer To Buy Service Plan To Get An iPad 2 Out Of Storage


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Apr 11, 2011.

    1. The Alternative
      The Alternative
    2. iPadCharlie
      And there is also a rumor(?) that Radio Shack was only selling iPad2 "bundles" with a service plans AND a case.
    3. The Alternative
      The Alternative
      What are they thinking?
    4. EARL97850
      Little tactics to make an extra buck usually back fire in form of another.

      With Best Buy in the news these last couple of days about said tactics at different locations probably isn't one of their best shining moments.

    5. doubledown7d
      Nope. Bought one at my local BB today. Sales tried to get me to buy protection plan but I declined. It was the last one they had. I called ahead after searching an inventory locator and the girl actually held it for me till I got there. When I arrived the guy said they were sold out. Found the girl from the phone and she produced it from behind the counter. Sounds like an isolated incedent to me ;)
    6. twerppoet
      Bought one Saturday. The clerk asked if I wanted to buy protection, I said no, and that was the last I heard of it.
    7. Jglandau
      I purchased an iPad2 32GB + 3G yesterday at Best Buy on Charleston in Las Vegas, NV without a service/protection plan. They had at least 20 units stacked up around 6pm.
    8. madhatter61
      Buy the ipad2, then return the service plan. Call Human Resources of Best Buy and report the incident. That is called in-boarding and the manger's job is at risk. That is not company policy. I worked for Best Buy for almost a dozen years. There is a lot of pressure on managers to meet quotas on services and extras... but it should always be done without pressure.
    9. solarrdadd
      i picked up my iPad2 from BB almost a month ago and they simply asked me if i wanted the plan, i said no, they said ok and rang it up. i think the issue of the post was really an isolated incident and it's being blown way beyond what it is because so many folks hate BB. people are likely to scam on you anywhere there are people, not just BB. any store can offer a bundle for items if they chose to, you don't have to buy the bundle to get it unless it's a bundle that comes prepackaged from the manufacturer of the gear. you can always say you don't want the store created bundle and simply buy the item. any store telling you know you should report the sales person to the manager and well as to the BBB and to apple.

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