Apple Customer Banned From Buying iPads For Life

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Apr 25, 2010.

By iDan on Apr 25, 2010 at 9:25 PM
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    [​IMG] is today reporting the cautionary tale of an American Apple customer, a student, who says he was buying iPads for his friends on a gaming forum who live outside the US. According to itbusiness, the student claims on his blog that he was buying two iPads a day from his local Apple store, only slapping a little bit extra onto the price to cover shipping charges and so on. He insists that he wasn’t profiteering.

    However, Apple became suspicious and the next time the student went to his local store to buy an iPad they told him that he had reached his lifetime limit of iPad purchases, and was banned from buying anymore. The Apple staff declined to tell him how many iPads was too many.
    Surprisingly, the student appears to have no hard feelings and actually says that he’s glad that Apple has such checks and balances in place to stop hoarders, adding only that he wishes that Apple would be more consistent in catching hoarders.

    It’s not clear whether or not the student is banned for life from buying any Apple products or just the iPad.

    By Maura Sutton,
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Apr 25, 2010.

    1. Seadog
      Selling a product after buying it retail, without appropriate licenses, is scalping and other crimes. If shipped overseas without paying appropriate VAT or import fees can really get nasty. If Apple allows people to scalp their equipment, they could have all sorts of issues to deal with.
    2. Isaac Newton
      Isaac Newton
      I think this is only an issue that would be non existent once the international shipping dates pass. Seems like the student was making his cut while the timing was on his side. Good, bad or indifferent...his attempt at supply and demand was eclipsed by going to (the same) well too many times.

      At two ipads a visit...he was doing pretty damn good, I doubt adding "shipping charges" is a money maker UNLESS...his idea of shipping charges is like the other International Ebay shippers that up charge the shipping price astronomically...I doubt his intentions were humble or meager at best. He was going for the payoff.
    3. col.bris
      I have been a reseller since 1993
      Apple does not allow GREY marketing period .
      That is why the restriction Apple has it's channels to sell products
      Individuals do NOT have that right as they are NOT authorized resellers
      Once international sales begin it will settle down.
      Problems happen when something goes wrong as end user does not have a invoice from Apple it's from some money hungry guy in Usa so warranties are questioned
      That is the problem

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    4. col.bris
      You live in USA it's not your problem it is a problem for resellers around the world

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    5. kheldour
      I see, that the press actually is mixing things up for the "good press".
      The thing is, that this particular individual got banned from buying at Apple because he acted as a non-registered reseller. And I agree with Col.bris here. Apple should be, and is, very strict against grey market imports.

      I see at least two resellers in Germany, who are currently selling and promoting iPads, although, they haven't been released yet. I am pretty sure, that these are the last iPads, they are selling......
    6. col.bris
      I lost thousands of dollars to grey market apple products in the 90's until it was stopped by Apple in Australia. The exchange rate was not good then Basicly apple refused to service grey market computers it stopped like overnight because of this cv

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    7. Bremen
      I see this as Apple protecting itself, and it's authorized resellers, and customers. To me that is a good thing for all parties involved. As a customer I want to be confident that the product I buy is legit, and has full warranty.
    8. col.bris
      You are so right independent Resellers specialists asr's hurt the most. Unfortunately the Apple owned stores now impact big resellers but that's life
      The world is changing with Apple it is no longer Desktop publishing etc the big drive but the néw digital market which now really is controlled by Apple the iPods iPhone now iPad
      It will be an interesting to see what comes out of this and see how the others stack up. Frankly I believe this is only the beginning Apple has a lot more up it's sleeve and will strike with new techology when the time is right and once again blow the oposition away.

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    9. hamletpri
      the ipad guy

      What is this guy's name? I want to buy an iPad, and i'm in australia!! :mad:
      oh well, i'll just have to wait till May ten to pre-order

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