ipad3 suddenly not charging ?!

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by ipadgirl15, Dec 26, 2012.

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    Dec 26, 2012
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    hi everyone
    i've had my ipad 3 for six months now and it's been great. i plugged it in tonight and it was at 10 percent. i checked it about three hours later to use it and it's still at 10 per cent. ! the only difference is that last night i put it in he new smartcase. i had a smart cover before. i had it in my purse today and it may have come into contact with cold drinks or my keys so would that do it? it also could have contacted both of those yesterday too. didnt plug it in last night so not sure if it would've charged then. it's always charged in this wall socket before and nothing is different with it either.
    please help. and thanks.
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    Apr 24, 2011
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    Hi and welcome to the Forum!

    When you plug your iPad in to the power supply do you see the little lightning bolt which signifies that it is charging? If not check to see if your new case is hindering the plug at all. Also have a look at your iPad to see if anything is lodged in your dock, don't go poking anything in it though. Check to make sure your USB is plugged in properly to the charger. Also check your power outlet is working. Do you have an iPhone or other device with which to check your charger? as this may be the culprit here......I had one that stopped working after a couple of months. Check all these and let us know.

    The IPad Forum is a community of members from all walks of life and from all over the world coming together to share our experiences and to help each other learn about this wonderful piece of technology the Ipad. There is a wealth of information already here in the many threads we have so doing some searches will answer most of the questions you have. If then you cannot find the answer you are seeking then by all means post your question. There are many friendly and informed members here only too willing to help you.

    We also have our own App - It is a very simple app to navigate.
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    Reading the IPad manual is a great place to start so please download a copy of these.
    3 very informative threads from which you will learn many tips and shortcuts for the IPad.
    We have rules like any Community so please read these also

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    Sep 6, 2011
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    Follow the instructions given above. Leave the iPad in open warm place (NOT HOT place) for a couple of days with some silica gel packs around/on the home button. Then perform regular charging. If this fails, take it to Apple store for investigation. I read on the web somewhere that Apple gives you new iPad for $105 if your iPad battery dies, so if its your battery, may be its worth.

    I came across this issue a while ago. DS spilled water on iPad and it was acting really erratic. The screen was unresponsive, acting like OCD, buzzing screen ( hard to explain). No charging. I was totally stressed out. I left it on the shelf for 2 days and it was fine. I suspect it was water that was causing troubles.

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