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Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by papalazarou, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I'm getting really stressed with this so I could do with some advice please? I can sync my iPad 2 to my iMac when I physically connect the 2 but wirelessly I cannot get my iPad to see my iMac. I think I have figured out why but just wanted to run this by the community to see I'm right, I don't think the iPad 2 supports Leopard, which is what I am running n my iMac. Having said that the thing which confuses me is my iMac is running version 10.6.8 (when I click on the apple logo and about this mac) which apparently meets the minimum requirements for the iPad 2.

    I suppose my question is could somebody confirm I will have to spend money to upgrade my iMac to Snow Leopard in order to get wifi connectivity with my iPad? If so, why does it work when I physically connect the 2? Makes no sense to me.

    Many thanks for reading.

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    I found the answer to that in posts all over the internet in computer user forums, but yes, you are correct that wifi sync won't work with Leopard. I was annoyed to encounter the same with my Mini that runs Leopard. My Mini works fairly well overall, but had started to get a little sluggish, and intermittent non functioning of one of the USB ports, so for a 4 year old computer, I couldn't see investing in a software upgrade. So I switched my sync to an older Windows laptop, 5 years old itself and a bit sluggish too, but got the wifi sync working no problem. Then I was surprised with an early gift of a new Windows 7 touchscreen all in one desktop. A new just Mini alone would have cost $699 as it is, which is ridiculous. My new system is quick and efficient, and my iPhone and iPad do the wifi sync well. On principle, I had no issue going back to Windows systems because it's silly that apparently even Windows XP works for the wifi sync, but my own Apple product that is less old hardware and OS wasn't good enough. An all in one iMac was also hundreds more than my awesome new touchscreen, and my system is efficient, and I really was at a point of needing a new home PC that I use for other tasks besides surfing (which the older laptop and the Mini were at just about due to being slower), so much as I like Mac, for my home computer, my main one is Windows again. And I've wanted a touchscreen PC for a while anyway, and Apple doesn't make one, and if they did on an iMac, it would cost way too much anyway. I have enough gadgets that even I have to draw the line somewhere. Anyway-here's one of the threads.

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