iPad2 recognized by iTunes (after restore) but shows Apple Logo

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    Hey iExperts,

    I have a pretty unique problem i believe. My iPad went blank and showed apple Logo (because It discharged and we pressed home+power for a little too long). I downloaded the latest version of iOS from the latest version of iTunes(win) and restored my device. It was went alright and I can see everything that I should see on iTunes - which is "Summary,Info,Ringtones .... Photos" tabs etc and all the details of my iPad on the summary page as expected BUT my iPad continuously shows apple logo.
    Also, only tab in iTunes's iPad page NOT WORKING is APPS. I click on Summary, Info, photos, music,movies and everything works but when I click at APPS itunes just freezes and nothing happens. !!!!
    I am able to add (sync) music to it as well and it uploads the playlists/songs. All this while and even later (after disconnecting and restarting) iPad shows only apple logo.
    Also, in capacity it shows only "Other" and "Free" and their sizes after I restore the iPad (which I did a couple of times already) -not sure if that's normal or it should have shown something for (Default) apps as well.
    (Screen shot attached)
    Also, While connected to itunes iPad restarts every now and then on its own without any reasons. I'm not sure what's going on!
    Any clue??

    btw, just to reaffirm
    >>Summary, Info, photos, music,movies and everything works but when I click at APPS itunes just freezes and nothing happens. !!!!

    To get itunes out of the mode i have to unplug the ipad and the iTunes crashes. I relaunch iTunes and plug the ipad again to get to the point where it displays all the 7 tabs "Summary,Info,Ringtones .... Photos" and click on other tabs and they work fine but again APPS tab freezes the itunes windows (which eventual crases at unplugging the device)

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