iPad stuck in DFU mode & restore failing.

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    So, I recently got a new iPad (the 16gb WiFi version), and obviously jailbroke it right away (L1merain).
    I installed Cydia, and installed a few tweaks.
    I tried to install one tweak (I don't quite remember which one), and Cydia gave me a message saying that, if I install the package it needs to delete some source files or something like that, and without thinking, I pressed proceed.
    It installed and worked fine, yet things started to change after that.
    My iPad was constantly giving me error messages saying that the SpringBoard has crashed, and it booted me into safe mode.
    I looked up what I had to do on Google, and it said that I had to uninstall the package.
    So I went to Cydia, found it but it said I haven't installed it.
    It disappeared on my SpringBoard, too, so there was nothing to do.
    Yet it kept giving me those error messages and my old apps were starting to crash, too.
    I was getting sick of it, so I decided to restore.
    I went into DFU mode, because iTunes wouldn't recognize my iPad otherwise.
    I tryed to restore (yes, I tried shift-clicking it too and selecting the firmware which I downloaded off Felix Bruns), but at right-around 90%, it stopped.
    I let it sit for a few hours. No good.
    I tried fixing it with iREB. No good.
    Blackra1n isn't working either...
    Nothing is working, please help!
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