Ipad mini won't connect to my imac late 09 century link dsl network.

Discussion in 'iPad Mini Forum' started by johnchart, Apr 12, 2013.

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    Using the cable that came with my iPad Mini, I am trying to connect it to my iMac Late 09 to no avail. Keep getting error message "Cable unplugged" or "device on other end not responding". Also, upper left had corner of Mini shows "Verizon". I no longer have Verizon; used it on vacation & am now back to Century Link DSL. Could this be the problem? Also, in mini Bluetooth settings on Mini, my iMac won't stay paired. Lasts about 1 minute & then says "Not connected."

    This all started when I tried to set up Belkin router for Wi-Fi use in my home. Must have done something wrong.

    Help appreciated.

    John Hart

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