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    Alright, I have a challenge for all you av/tech heads:

    I was told by Apple that using the HDMI output (via dongle) overides all the other audio output options. Typically this isn't a big deal because I have a nice receiver set up in my house. However, I want to stream from my iPad 2 to my projector outdoors and I don't want to lug around a whole receiver set up. The solution needs to be portable.

    So I'm looking for a way to send video to my projector and audio to another device with these requirements:
    • Audio device must be portable
    • Audio device must be loud enough to be heard outdoors
    • HDMI dongle (according to Apple) overrides all other audio output from the iPad itself.
    My thought was to run the HDMI dongle to an HDMI to component adapter and then run the video to the projector and the audio to a boombox or w/e. However, the reliability of HDMI to component converters makes this messy. I'm sure you guys can think of a more elegant solution!

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