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Ipad does sometimes not react on touch

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by Fortu, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Fortu

    Fortu iPF Noob

    Apr 24, 2012
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    Hi guys,

    I'm a little bit confused. I bought an Ipad (3) and it's my first apple device and I am very happy with it - ok, that's not why I am confused :)

    The problem is: Sometimes the screen does not react on touch. Those are pretty rare moments and do not depend on the app, e.g.: I am using the Youtube app and so I am tapping and scrolling... and then I touch the thumbnail of a movie and... nothing happens. The same spot touched again: tadaa, it works.
    The strange aspect is: When I use a paint tool to test the screen it works. I can fill up the whole screen without any part not painted - the screen seems to work.

    So I don't know if this is either a software related problem or is a typical behaviour for touch screens. Or I have to send the unit back to Apple (which is nearly impossible as I do not know how to show them an error that happens on 20 touches 1 time - and can happen everywhere on screen).

    Hopefully someone can help me :)


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