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    The most anticipated device of this year, the new Apple iPad, has finally made its appearance to the public. A new breed of Tablet PCs, the iPad, has won the hearts of many fans. With so many impressive features, accessories and performance, the iPad will surely dominate the market of Tablet PC. One can get almost all the functions of laptop, ebook reader, iPhone and iPod in the iPad. This device is so light and smaller than laptop, yet it is very powerful than any other similar device. Think of it as a superior machine. But we all know that every new machine has some early problems in it. It’s the same for iPad. Many users have complaint about few trivial bugs.

    As everything is not perfect, so there are only few ipad error reported so far, one little serious problem has been reported to the Apple. Some people are having a problem with the internet connectivity in iPad. To be precise, when their iPads attempt to reconnect to any familiar network, it is unable to identify that familiar router. The cause of this problem is particular wireless routers which run on various channels. However, you don’t have to worry about this anymore; the Apple is on the job now, they are figuring out the solution for all bugs. As for this internet problem, Apple has already found a solution of this ipad error that is to permit iPad users to adjust the configuration of their iPad or router to fix this problem.
    You can say that, it is a miracle that a gadget like iPad has very few bugs. Otherwise, most of the new devices always come with numerous bugs. This tells us that Apple has really worked hard in creating this latest ultra-modern device, the iPad.

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