iPad Air 2 as helping device on-the-go with multimedia

Discussion in 'iPad Air 2 Forum' started by Lukáš Raynor Majer, May 16, 2015.

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    May 12, 2015
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    I got camera with ability to shot photos in RAW (filename.rw2) and record videos in Full HD in mp4 format at 60 FPS. It's nice to view photos and videos on big retina display of iPad - yea, I got SD Card Reader cable for iPad. I don't want to take my expensive Mac outdoor, but iPad is fine. I find some apps to work with photos/videos on-the-go. Recording few videos and photos while on-the-go and at home I will find something got wrong - that sounds terrible, especially when I make videos with other people and I would need to re-record it...

    Currently I have Pixelmator, Pinnacle Studio, OneEdit, Photogene and app to control my camera wirelessly via wi-fi.

    Any ideas?



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