iPad 2 is 4x Faster than Original iPad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 6, 2011.

By Maura on Mar 6, 2011 at 3:22 PM
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    Cnet uk reports that it managed to run a quick benchmark test on the iPad 2 during its brief hands-on session with the upgraded tablet. They tested how quickly the iPad 2 deals with JavaScript, and found that it did “incredibly wellâ€, beating all rival devices that cnet had performed the same test on previously, including the original iPad, which was 4x slower than the iPad 2, with the Galaxy Tab being more than 3x slower than the iPad 2, as was the Google Nexus S smartphone.

    Cnet puts the iPad 2’s impressive speed down to the new dual-core processor, as well as iOS 4.3, which is due to be released next Friday, March 11, and which, according to Cnet, changes the way iOS devices deal with JavaScript, speeding it up. Cnet says that with a beta version of iOS 4.3 installed on the original iPad, the speed gap between iPad 2 and iPad 1 “narrowed considerablyâ€, with the iPad 2 being just 1.5x faster than the iPad 1 running iOS 4.3. So, looks like we’re all going to get a nice surprise with some improved performance when we download iOS 4.3 next Friday!

    Source: iPad 2 speed test shows it's 4x faster than original iPad, thrashes Android | Crave | CNET UK


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 6, 2011.

    1. Demandarin
      Great news. Ill wait till fully untethered jailbrake available b4 upgrading to 4.3 though. I goita have ifiles. Jailbrake for 4.3 GM version is out but its a semi-tetherd jailbrake. I need fully untethered.
      Thankx for reporting this as alot of doubters of ipad 2 speed increases will have a funny face while reading your article ;-)
    2. donka
      Surely this title is a bit misleading - the only fair comparison is IOS4.3 in which case the iPad 2 is clearly not 4x as fast!
    3. ipfuser653
      An original iPad is more than twice as fast at Javascript with 4.3 compared to 4.2. That's some speed-up. Well done to the Apple devs.
    4. jordexj
      It will be hilarious when all those people (my friends) read this article after scurrying around putting their old Ipad on Craigslist and other sites just to get a few hundred dollars... so that they can upgrade to Ipad 2.... I tell you people wait for Ipad 3, trust me!
    5. Hasty
      "wait for Ipad 3, trust me!"

      No wait for iPadX it really will be better until iPadXI arrives.......trust me!

      Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. You might just enjoy it and can do it again tomorrow....
    6. Tinman
      Exactly what I was thinking. In fact I think it is more impressive that the "original" iPad (didn't know it "originally came with 4.2 ;)) is that much faster when running 4.3.

      This is more about 4.3 than iPad 2 IMHO.

    7. Hasty
      Jeff Carlson in TidBITS wrote
      "According to one Apple staffer I spoke with, the Safari improvements should be significant. Not just due to the JavaScript engine, but because the dual-core A5 does a good job of splitting up load tasks: one core handles text/HTML, the other core handles images, etc."

      Good to hear but doubt it's anywhere near a factor of four.
    8. living2345
      Lol, I so agree with this. I will be ordering the iPad on March 11 and won't regret it for one single second.
    9. xune
      Same here.

      Those who are always waiting for something better down the road fail to enjoy the joys of today. Life is short. Enjoy it today. I don't regret owning my iPad 1 for one second, and will enjoy every second of owning my iPad 2.

      Those who wait will miss out, but think that somehow they've outsmarted the rest of us, and feel compelled to 'warn' everyone they can, while they hold onto older tech and long for tech that hasn't happened yet, blind to what is in front of them now. This type of thinking leads to needless waiting and cynicism towards those who seize the day.

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